A 7-foot tall duck who wields a foam sword or bat, depending on his mood — was introduced in 2012 as the team mascot for the San Rafael Pacifics. Team officials introduced the mascot at the Parkside Children's Center in San Rafael in April. The duck wears an Elizabethan collar and a red cape with the words "Love the Drake." The Drake is beloved by the Pacifics fans and all of Marin communities which he visits on a regular basis. Come out to the ballpark to enjoy the crazy antics of The Drake! To Schedule Sir Francis The Drake for your next birthday party or event, contact the Pacifics at or call (415) 485-1563 today! 

Drake Triptych

Q&A with Sir Francis...
It's the Drake glad to have you
back for another exciting season of Pacifics
baseball! I'm so pumped and can't wait
to see you out here at the old ball yard.
Over the winter I got a lot of mail asking
me all sorts of things so I thought you might
be interested in what I had to say to the
coolest fans in the world...or at least in
Marin County.

Drake, do you Tweet?
Uh, no...I'm a duck.
I don't Tweet – I quack.

Sir Francis, what do you do with yourself
in the off-season?
I don't migrate down to
Arizona like a lot of Snow Birds, if that's what
you mean. I mostly float around from pond to
pond in thearea making promotional appearances.

Yo, Drake, where'd you go to school?
Silly question...I went to Drake High School, of
course and then went on to the University of Oregon.
I'm a Duck, duh.

What was your childhood like?
As a kid I wasn't as good looking as I am now.
Does that mean you were an Ugly Duckling?
Like water, I'm going to let that roll off my back. 

Drakey, boy, what did your parents do for a living?
My Dad was a doctor, but I guess he wasn’t very
good at it. His patients all called him a …well, you
know what they called him, right? My Mom was a
famous chef from Peking, China but none of the
other ducks would come to our house for dinner.
I have no idea why.

Were you always a baseball fan, Drake?
As a kid I loved to play “duck, duck, goose”, but as
I got older I fell in love with baseball. I wasn’t very
good, though. I didn’t hit for power, just a lot of
duck snorts to get on base.

What are your favorite sports teams other than
the Pacifics?
The Flyers, the Mighty Ducks and the Lakers.

What are your favorite movies, Drakester?
The Mighty Ducks, anything with Daffy Duck in it, Howard
the Duck, anything with Donald Duck in it, Duck Tales…

Well, Drake fans – this is your old buddy Sir Francis
the Drake signing off for now but I sure hope you enjoyed
sharing some of my fan mail with me. If you’ve got some
more questions for me come to a game and feel free to
ask me. While I can’t really speak English very well (I am
a duck, after all), I’ll be sure to have one of my assistants
write down your questions and we’ll send you back a
response via air mail. GO PACIFICS!

- Sir Francis the Drake

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