Pacifics Announce “We Want You” Campaign
Uncle Sam To Highlight 2018 Pacifics Marketing Agenda

San Rafael, CA– In a tribute to the most notable “call to action” campaign of the 20th century, the San Rafael Pacifics today announced their “We Want You” marketing campaign for the 2018 season. The campaign is a play on the “I Want You” military sign-up campaign of World War I and World War II, most famously featuring the stern visage of Uncle Sam.

“Considering Uncle Sam’s role in times of national crisis, we thought it might be fun to have him help us offer some relief from all the daily gloom by encouraging folks to forget about it for a while by coming out to catch a Pacifics game this summer,” said Pacifics President and General Manager Mike Shapiro. “Having Uncle Sam in a catcher’s mask hopefully underscores our point that we’re about having some fun and not taking it all too seriously.”

This season’s campaign featuring, “We Want You to Catch a Pacifics Game!” suggests Uncle Sam is looking for passionate baseball fans, young and old, who want to experience baseball the way it used to be:  great minor league baseball played in a local ”bandbox” ballpark with great food, drinks and entertainment. The Pacifics pride themselves on providing fun and community centered entertainment to Marin County, and so We Want You to be a part of San Rafael’s unique baseball experience!

“We believe that this is a unique marketing campaign that will tap into the symbiotic relationship between Americana and baseball,” said Pacifics VP of Sales & Marketing Kim McGinnis.

To help Uncle Sam make Albert Park great, visit now to join the campaign.