Become a San Rafael Pacifics 2018 Season Sponsor!

The Pacifics are proud to offer a variety of partnership opportunities with local businesses.  Partnering with the Pacifics can provide your business with increased brand visibility, unique employee benefits, product positioning, client entertainment, identification with the Pacifics brand and valuable image impressions through the Pacifics public relations channels.

Sports sponsorships have become increasingly important as an effective means of building brand awareness and enhancing a sponsor’s community image.

We Want to Maximize Your Sponsorship Value
The Pacifics work with businesses to define the value of a company’s sports sponsorship objective and determine where they fit in the company’s overall marketing mix.  In partnership with the sponsor, the Pacifics assess sponsorship opportunities and create innovative strategies to best enhance value.  

Our goal is to engage in a mutually beneficial partnership and provide our sponsors with an experience that will positively enhance the sponsor brand.  


Contact: Kim McGinnis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for more information at or call: (415) 485-1563

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